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Engine Parts and Functions

 Marine Diesel Engine Parts and Functions Previously we tackle the operating principle of a diesel engine. No matter in what field diesel engine is used, small or large engine and different engine builders or design - the operating principle will be the same. In some phases like in the construction, design, size, and parts there will be differences that due to surrounding circumstances and necessity as well, exist. Well even in parts naming, obviously a student or professional can observe. Technical terms are being used like fuel spray valve, fuel oil injector, injector, spray valve which refer to the same part and component of the said engine. Another one is the crankcase cover which is another way of naming it is called the crankcase window. These are just a few examples to keep one comprehension flexible of the by subject.  Parts and Respective functions Below is a figure showing some of the major parts of a four-stroke cycle diesel engine. We will have to identify each part and the

Engine Room and Deck Machineries: Ship's Hallmarks from On-shore Structures

Ships are Indispensable   Before the ancient roman empire sea vessels were medium to transport all kinds of goods including human passengers all over the globe.  Thousands of years had passed and digital era of sea transport arrived that still,as it was; dominates global commerce for the very reason that it carries a bigger volume of commercial cargoes than the other means of transportation both locally and internationally. Aside from that, through this medium of transportation, a capability to carry large volume of cargoes but also passengers for passage or pleasure is readily observable. Ships are undeniably the workhorse of the planets commerce. However, the transition from one era to the other proves the speedy development of ships models and strong efficiency, in exchange with the in-ecofriendly-like entities plying in the earth's oceans. Now, new models with strong focus on environmentally friendly ship's propulsion dominate the shipping industry and ship builders to mee