Feathers whisper stories and poems of life before.

Feathers whisper stories and poems of life before.
Feathers lie in the cold, it tell stories of life before.

Saturday, April 13, 2024


I like your smile it gets no mystery

Of blood-tinted shroud crying out lies

Along the beaded streets of cobblestones

Which lifetime is bird’s early-waking tune?

A smoke of dust fades like clouds wind- blown.

I like your smile it gets no genius brush

To whip the canvas with finest horse tail

To smear ashen faces with blood or tear

As though games, in each shoot, take flight in fear.

 I like your smile it gets no legend to tell

 Like empty stories, wrought in thoughtless words

Ringed in the ears that no one likes to hear

No poet or storyteller could bear.

 I like your smile though it offers no clues

 But one seen in the strand of maenad hairs

In the clouds float driven by angels breathe

Whose smacks bring a literal life or death?

 Shiny Betelgeuse etched in the soft cheeks

The Naughty lines under swim the dreamlike trance

Forever watching lurked in the starred sky. 

The lips bewitched mounted knights bold or shy.

 Star Bellatrix in smooth pillowy cheeks

Such a sober but quick-witted young sage

The logic crosses the rosy field of love

When GPS fix’s a point with stars above.

Michelangelo wrought Menkent’s in the nose

Shallower demeanor in truth deeper

Whose dream smell the aroma of Venus’ rose?

The tunneled high bridge, the godly scent oozed.

 I see Gienah in your honeyed mouth

Frothing vessels of Cadbury and cloud nine

The ruddy tongue twines with candy vine

Demeter’s lair of bee infested pines. 

Recalls more, more, and many times more

 Gazillions swim-happy in the starred sky

 With the wings of the tall emerald gem

 In your poise in your hair in your brows in your ears in yuor nose

 In your...SMILE.

Note: Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Menkent and Gienah are stars named after their discoverer.