Feathers whisper stories and poems of life before.

Feathers whisper stories and poems of life before.
Feathers lie in the cold, it tell stories of life before.

About Me

The same with other humans who claim they suffer a malady of hallucinations, and that they show themselves as heroes by so, helping others not in the same line  with them; by creating pieces of poems, stories or writings in kind with honest intentions to provide a means of exit from stresses, bad moods, loneliness or any negative feelings.
And so, here is another one of them. To play not as a hero but a simple minded person is stricken with damn simplicity and peppered with inbuilt humbleness to help others as said. Also, hope and deep conviction are seen as guides to do so, in the same manner to extract an ounce of medicine for his own malady as well.

Well, my interest to write begun when I'm in  elementary, high school and in college--I enjoyed writing about anything, but poems I like most.Those were the indications that some kind of little gift dwell inside my soul to share to my fellow human beings--aside from being a former seaman and college professional instructor which in my opinion delayed the development of I, being part of "words and letters" and so a tantamount of punishment gave me a lesson; godly gift wields a whip in times it is ignored.

Now, what I have is a noble profession right now--jack-of-all-trades at home, most of all a baby sitter most of the time and if a chance gives me an opportunity, a writer. This is pretty difficult since one needs a full-time attention 24-hrs a day. But some circumvention s in a situation that prevails is like stealing gems closely guarded by an army and this is challenging and fulfilling as well. Something like when a cat sleeps the mouse will play.  I will be updating this page in the future about activities in litmalgam and my connection to happenings...

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