Feathers whisper stories and poems of life before.

Feathers whisper stories and poems of life before.
Feathers lie in the cold, it tell stories of life before.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


The smell wrecks the breath with pleasure
pricks the brain with fingers of candy perfume.
breeze's message swims in through the open door
but not exactly how last night's dream formed.

Getting flirty, the beatings drummed fast
how could this be that a table bloomed once
with dishes of pink, red and with Cup id’s musk
now, topped with peppers in each ounce.

Aye, spread the wings, fly slowly in true space
out, out to the door--sullen and open wide
component sings dirges without a smack or soft kiss
where drops swish--eyes weave sadness in the lids.

Wail the final pitch of sonata while the scent's pacing
out to the chord's freedom and wilful footfalls fade
crescendo's fading akin to the night's lightning
losing kiss with night's rain under moonlit shade.

O, the separated genius who sprouted a rose in the Gobi
reeks a difference that separates--that all need.
but all come a pard with fishes asking for the key
all freestyled in Lethe but key shines down the bed.

If this true, how come both stars come dripping
the lighted lids are closed but spark with sunlight
but the breast is yet to rip open by a long-standing loving
the deep-hued colors buried will implode with its might.

The difference, a key to separate so then stream out
through the open door as genie puff-off in the open
humming the music of birds early tunes, but
leave it as is--"key's" here--finds the 'morrow in the same pen.

Monday, November 3, 2014

To Tear Part 2

 Hard disc archived the snippet of the grins
Enclosed full apps of the entirety
The files and folders of the pristine love.
Where were the eyes to surf It cannot see
Switched the box and rebooted then glowed once
 Nailed fast—dried up screen—clouds forever stoic
As ever maimed—dead-throat-ed and stiff-brained
Screen—boozing, boozing! Possible, more, more
‘Till spirits this guise deletes virus files;
Hidden gigabytes whatever’s left of
The joyful beaking of the canaries—
The Burning hugs of their feathery wings,
And the fast shaking of amorous beaks
 Sent complete ecstasy of quivering
How it came to be, what? How about it?
Held the bond together strong hand in hand
Of honest pristine belief, love still
Boomed in realism or tales, promise, o, both.
“Where’s the shield for virus and cluttered file?
Byte to byte it will not run, File to file
Instead folder to folder it freeze,
Except the twinned-ringed fingers—ball-chained.”
Sat in this mesa, numberless times
And weaved ageless forms of undulations
Of fertile ocean: the height, width, depth, length
The booms in ears how it sounded when fondled
By careless winds found itself embracing
The white-haired-pebbled-stricken shore until
 Wildly in-loved at that time with the sands;
Where happy strawberry tops, angel’s wings
 And baby ears mingled with the silent tide
Being amused with the osculation
By travel-wearied swells trudged along the
 Rubber-stretched shore As if by instinct or
What, they found soft haven to amuse. 
The darling WWW—or—sweeties HD are lairs
Incantatory hoax, without shame,
In one spirit, make this moment a nest
 Of Everlasting beacon of joy—through
Amorous eyes glued shredded breasts once more
The truth of “missing” enjoyed the drowned heart—
Stellar bodies, the bee, melons and cubs
 Were not fictions, but by true love—that was...
 Take clipped one corner by the fingers tight
 Here, let’s rip here complete—these legalese!
Ere it, tear love and life, of yours and mine.

To Tear Part 1

Wish the best of luck, since it’ll likely takes
A quick flight before the gorgeous presence  
Hope’s pleading is hopeless—chokes the slow breath
Since smog connives with mist—nose is heaving
Bells moist eyes sing the homecoming past
Whirl the brain; wracks the skull catches big ache
As winds of the season non-stop blowing
Pressured-shrills ring, bang the sad plugged ears
 Here, here this once joyful, now sorrowful
Friend of worn-beaded rosary that mourns  
In monk’s fingers as pale smoke smears the air
Praying in the stately spire of tolling bells
Echoes the dumb requiem of deathly thoughts.    
Accord the wish to steal the last quick glance?
To see the sun rises in kindly face
The curvy lips, godly hair, busty breasts
Inviting look are streams where lilies swim,
Each tic-tac zap  in slow-drift tide and tugs 
In dreams of searching drowsy-lidded eyes—
Behalf of moment in mercurial flight
Whilst weary thoughts ponder on waning pasts:
The bloody phantom reds, sober purples
Silken hairs flapped caressed by soft-fingered
Winds swam in apple screen when the year turned 
From pitch-black to sparkly white as when, a 
 Snake its habit, like dark switched into light 
The new robe the new day; spoke year renewed 
From mild sleep in the balmy nature’s bed.
A Pinot slow-drop ‘pon the chilled mesa
A keepsake of fragrant sight of the bells
Rings break forth—shade of downpour wet the board
Nether clouds cry, and then hope it ends.   
The chilled deuce Specters sit in the plateau
Unroll the stapled quad of pale-paper- 
Leaves curl, but opens to quash when the wind
Irons its furls of pulpy quad atop each
As earth waits drizzles in hot summer night
The straight scar below awaits the poet’s pen
To draw the name even how bad it seems
 Or at last Hope flickers, for both it seems
While arms draw circled paths singing tic-tac
 Hymned two-tuned tunes, fluty tic-tac behind 
Of two dull-noted, sadness and the gloom 
Edges of lament regret where it go 
Dripped-Wet with acid rain—shaking, airing: 
Woe, woe! Earth reeked firewater in the cave
Lips yawp-filled-air, unremitting bawling
Fiery verses leave no price or deserve 
For soul, else, for life's sake, even to beasts
When the ringed finger sent the lights off
When windows blackened by hard-pressed knuckles
The blinking stars fell— screaming and swooning. 
Woe! Twin pale-headed tornados went swept!
 And watered down solar cheeks in its rise
Young cubs’ dreams have no moment to toast
 In crystal-spring-gilded meadow to dream
In the midst of fair Dama de Noche,
Cute Sampaguitas in green fluffy bed
To brimmed them with sugar-caned caresses
 And touched their rosy cheek with candy lips
Or cupped them up in divine fingertips.
Will both eyes waiver the joy of sharing?
The past tense of sweet and sour, which both dined
Mono- eyed captured both takes saved in discs
Brushed up the outdated shots then convened
Lens bore diorama to show what to see.
Love tilled the lazy ground—the seeds sprouted
Then old tireless Sun warmed the soil’s breasts
Root hairs merrily drank from goblet’s wine
Pampered with devotion the stems and shoots
No day’s complete without both eyes watching
Went up to the trellis weaved by both fingers
Never lost a strength from spring of passion
To feed, as babies chuckled angel’s words
As air’s soft busses whispered lullaby
Filling up their flesh with more nectar juice
Gods zipped lips unheard seeing what changed
Ceres to her joy plucked the holy harp
Daintily danced among the webbing vines.
Alas! The weary arms lost strength went weak
Waking, sleeping damn spent to keep going
Like cupid’s arrows pierced through the beams
Hit the stilly waters of Lethean dreams.
But no power or prestige ever twinned!
Bee’s joyful euphoria, pleasure, delight;
The raptus of topping the virgin bud
As the newly opened Treasure spreads
The dew-bathed lips asked for a hungry-sip
With the stiff-tiny shaft: scream, shout and shriek
 No Abomination, odium or loathe
Stopped the moment of exploding whirl of joy.
What are they? In fact, captured in the disc
Where bird sang over the concoction’s smoke:
Fried rice with onions, garlic, leeks and oil
The bulgy seeds from dewy panicles--
Fresh grounded, sun-dried, oozed with milky steam
The steamed Malacapa with tamarinds  
 In the love-filled pot fondled by the fire
Honey smelling thing in fox’s eager sniff.
Who cared for tables fouled with wanting? 
Which top void of toothsome dish?
No one will try to throw a hungry look
Or bother for one little finger dip
 Deep in the dish of love and tenderness.
Did a foreign glance laid ‘upon the potion
Expect the gods and goddesses who browsed
High browed, unblinking eyed—how tasks done
When kisses, night or day wore the truth of love
And sang, the day opened with high falsetto
 And danced footwork of high-tempered rumba.
Did owl mingle each night’s embrace of Zs?
When the snappy swoosh drove the few dusts
 From bed cover atop the muted bed
Next to curvy side ran the fingers on
 And ears of the cushioned hot dogs stood out
To hear the soft contralto’s whispered hums
And bass’ poundings of chilled December’s breeze
 From outside, embed the candy perfume
Of Dama de Noche and Mango, bloom
And the tattered bed squeaked when the rocks rolled
While played the old school game of hide n seek
Catch-me-if-you-can until pillows ripped
And swirled cotton and downs till we lost strength
Night never bother the delight or screams

Then dream deep until the daybreak streamed in.

Friday, August 1, 2014


How lovely’s your face—em’rald adorned robe.
Your green y gloss stunts Cyclops’ mono-eye
If you permit, I’ll step on your soft breasts
 Then dip my fingers, deep in honeyed milk
Sneaking through on the arteries and veins
Oozed to moist the cheeks of mounts or vales
Where greedy root hairs sprawled to dine and toast
From nature’s cup of amber dessert wine.
I missed your curled hairs—the fine strands dig deep
In your rich scalp, grows pulps where words I write
That I hear God’s breathe caused it to rise
And one should cognize, that He loves you

As much as loving others and me too.     

Friday, July 11, 2014

Two short Poems

Love’s Warmth

Don’t give it up like Angel Trumpet sheds its petals to the dried ground
Not even, think to abandon moments when falls stops giving off its crystals
Since the twin’ sparkles fade in the eyes at a point precise.
Though not by nature govern, or by moment tells
As when sinews with the bones start rocking soul deep
Until typhoons howl highest pitch—tails whip fiery but sweet.
In the darkness, the stars dazzle the tempest’ frenzied arms
Gripping the love pillars unknown—when furnace’ at its hottest.

Your love

Yours are beams that shine the dark new moon
  warm light showers bad dream and 'come good
 Each dream, I fly to cloud nine—torches the soul with fiery kisses
Burn each molecule of flesh and bones renews the failing spirit
Yours a paradise of life—no pleasure equals or worldliness peers

Yours’ diviner than divine, lovely\love, beautiful\beauty, truthful\truth.

Sunday, March 30, 2014



Droplets and downpour
Mingle in bitter succession
When dark clouds crying.


Dark greyish faces
There, hang teary blackish eyes
 Chill and cold meet, mingle.


 Byways and roadways
Endlessly, they too suffer
Tears over brim them.

J.M. Basa

Me, fingering keys
Of tottered keyboard
Cold like fingertips.


Unredeemed passions
Clutch mortal body and soul
Real or just a dream?


All swim in darkness
Cold watery sepulchre
Death of warmth and light.

Maria Clara

Will howls, pelter quit?
And waken the warmth
Thereon, light ensues.

(Ofel) 1500 Hrs. 25th of Oct. 2012 (Trada Onse?)

Raymond and Jasmine

Hey, hey RAYMOND WEIL Angelus Del tiempo

 Whose hands crafted the speedy second, hurrying minute,

 Witching hour and lurking the date to month.

There in your nimble fingers synthesize

 Them all the spinning and orbiting particles

 of cosmos once appointed by God

 Now by the divine fiat they fall in

To your cushioned lap gazed by punctilious

 eyes the time never have a time to

 Flee from its turn or circle or by when

 Chance offers from its orbit or Revo

lution since accuracy fastens it

 Down, away from black holes o such spring of

 Ingenuity and patient genius sun

up smiles in time thereafter sundown sings

Despedida Hymn for the next smile

‘Till the petite hourglass is brimming with sand

With the candy-melody of strings of

 Winds of breeze of electronics in Mic

 The moon the sun the stellar dance synchro with

 The music sticks weaving tic-Tac-tic-Tac.



Jasmine, jasmine snowy bud of time

Stand erect 5 or 9 lily-white tongues,

Now in lieu are arms and face

Of 29 diamonds forever precise;

Be it nightorday, snowyorsunny, dryorwet

The fail safe timings are forever in tic Tac to

The euphonies chimed from the music sheet.