Feathers whisper stories and poems of life before.

Feathers whisper stories and poems of life before.
Feathers lie in the cold, it tell stories of life before.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

OFELIA (Ofel) 1500 Hrs. 25th of Oct. 2012 (Trada Onse?)

I like 'formed poetry' because it separates itself from other forms of prose. The ancient poets write it to distinguish their pieces by definite number of lines, a pre-plan rhyming scene and a definite number of lines, in so doing, a specific type of poem maybe known by the readers. Sonnet of Petrarch an structure is what I like most because of its challenging qualities in its rhyming scene and the difficulty on how to follow the pattern of end rhyme while aiming for an internal ones. A controlled number of lines for each piece in iambic pentameter (most often) per line--need some sort of not only poetic, but also, a flair in mathematics to succeed! A single idea successfully demonstrated in a fourteen-lined Sonnet is a good test of poetic capability. The spirit of old bards may got filled with delight when they know that I'm in the roster of their dwindling students.

Lately, I come across with beautiful Haiku. It has only a three cute lines where the first and the last line has five enchanted syllables while the mid-line has seven fairy-like syllables. It takes a genius to succeed in writing a real Haiku and the same, to read and understand it. It is by this assumption that I write seven of it for just one title with violations in the number of syllables per line. Anyway, I am not a genius. I pray the great bards of this type will not hold me in contempt--forever.         


Droplets and downpour
Mingle in bitter succession
When dark clouds crying.


Dark grayish faces
There, hang teary blackish eyes
 Chill and cold meet, mingle.


 Byways and roadways
Endlessly, they too suffer
Tears over brim them.

J.M. Basa

Me, fingering keys
Of tottered keyboard
Cold like fingertips.


Unredeemed passions
Clutch mortal body and soul
Real or just a dream?


All swim in darkness
Cold watery sepulchre
Death of warmth and light.

Maria Clara

Will howls, pelter quit?
And waken the warmth
Thereon, light ensues.