Feathers whisper stories and poems of life before.

Feathers whisper stories and poems of life before.
Feathers lie in the cold, it tell stories of life before.

Monday, November 3, 2014

To Tear Part 2

 Hard disc archived the snippet of the grins
Enclosed full apps of the entirety
The files and folders of the pristine love.
Where were the eyes to surf It cannot see
Switched the box and rebooted then glowed once
 Nailed fast—dried up screen—clouds forever stoic
As ever maimed—dead-throat-ed and stiff-brained
Screen—boozing, boozing! Possible, more, more
‘Till spirits this guise deletes virus files;
Hidden gigabytes whatever’s left of
The joyful beaking of the canaries—
The Burning hugs of their feathery wings,
And the fast shaking of amorous beaks
 Sent complete ecstasy of quivering
How it came to be, what? How about it?
Held the bond together strong hand in hand
Of honest pristine belief, love still
Boomed in realism or tales, promise, o, both.
“Where’s the shield for virus and cluttered file?
Byte to byte it will not run, File to file
Instead folder to folder it freeze,
Except the twinned-ringed fingers—ball-chained.”
Sat in this mesa, numberless times
And weaved ageless forms of undulations
Of fertile ocean: the height, width, depth, length
The booms in ears how it sounded when fondled
By careless winds found itself embracing
The white-haired-pebbled-stricken shore until
 Wildly in-loved at that time with the sands;
Where happy strawberry tops, angel’s wings
 And baby ears mingled with the silent tide
Being amused with the osculation
By travel-wearied swells trudged along the
 Rubber-stretched shore As if by instinct or
What, they found soft haven to amuse. 
The darling WWW—or—sweeties HD are lairs
Incantatory hoax, without shame,
In one spirit, make this moment a nest
 Of Everlasting beacon of joy—through
Amorous eyes glued shredded breasts once more
The truth of “missing” enjoyed the drowned heart—
Stellar bodies, the bee, melons and cubs
 Were not fictions, but by true love—that was...
 Take clipped one corner by the fingers tight
 Here, let’s rip here complete—these legalese!
Ere it, tear love and life, of yours and mine.

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