Feathers whisper stories and poems of life before.

Feathers whisper stories and poems of life before.
Feathers lie in the cold, it tell stories of life before.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Raymond and Jasmine

Hey, hey RAYMOND WEIL Angelus Del tiempo

 Whose hands crafted the speedy second, hurrying minute,

 Witching hour and lurking the date to month.

There in your nimble fingers synthesize

 Them all the spinning and orbiting particles

 of cosmos once appointed by God

 Now by the divine fiat they fall in

To your cushioned lap gazed by punctilious

 eyes the time never have a time to

 Flee from its turn or circle or by when

 Chance offers from its orbit or Revo

lution since accuracy fastens it

 Down, away from black holes o such spring of

 Ingenuity and patient genius sun

up smiles in time thereafter sundown sings

Despedida Hymn for the next smile

‘Till the petite hourglass is brimming with sand

With the candy-melody of strings of

 Winds of breeze of electronics in Mic

 The moon the sun the stellar dance synchro with

 The music sticks weaving tic-Tac-tic-Tac.



Jasmine, jasmine snowy bud of time

Stand erect 5 or 9 lily-white tongues,

Now in lieu are arms and face

Of 29 diamonds forever precise;

Be it nightorday, snowyorsunny, dryorwet

The fail safe timings are forever in tic Tac to

The euphonies chimed from the music sheet.

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