Feathers whisper stories and poems of life before.

Feathers whisper stories and poems of life before.
Feathers lie in the cold, it tell stories of life before.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Look At Me with Your Eyes

Look at me with your adorable eyes.

Let me breathe the sweet breeze in my soul.

Let me cherish the dreams ‘pon your dreamy eyes,

Dosing me with cups of sherry and soaked my soul.

Gaze at me with your black relishing eyes.

Then bit by bit, we’ll savor toothsome dish

Of fruit jellies and nectar garnished pies,

We’ll swim in beebread with mermaid and fish.

 To measure out my eyes with your searching eyes.

Grab the divine yardstick or tape and look

For the breadth and height.  The sum’s in my eyes

Numberless endearments, in breasts or in looks.

Wink at me with your naughty, tempting eyes.

Tempt me, and let me know no phone smileys,

Ever surpassed your luring, amazing eyes

Much more each, in each bit, of spicy smiles.  

Then by your sticky look I think and ponder,

The burning heat in my breasts rising beat!

Whereas, silent and be dumb I was to mutter

Words; too soon, sweat dripping, glazing my feet!

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